Touch of Mink (DBA Dermac Labs)
Nature's Ultimate Moisturizer

The Touch of Mink Story

That was Then

Family-owned since 1969 in Salem, Oregon, Touch of Mink owners, John and Rose Simpson, originally started the business as a leather dressing company. Mink oil was originally used to condition and waterproof leather products like boots and purses.

How We Got Started

The Simpsons noticed that the more they worked with mink oil, the softer their hands became! Realizing there must be a correlation, they hired a chemist to help them develop a mink oil skin care line. Touch of Mink was born. Initially, we sold our products at county and state fairs, later this would include hotels.

This is Now

Today, Touch of Mink products are shipped to international distributors, sold at trade shows across the U.S., and reach all corners of the globe through online sales.

Touch of Mink still enjoys making personal connections with customers at fairs. We always hire local sales reps at each trade show to boost the local economy.

The Touch of Mink Family

Our employees demonstrate their passion and commitment to Touch of Mink through their longevity. They use and stand behind the products. Most employees have been with Touch of Mink for 20+ years.

President Dennie Deetz began as general manager in 1982 and has run the company since 1991. He still remains a key executive in the company. The relationships the Simpson's established and their mission to deliver the best natural skin care line still thrive here at Touch of Mink today.


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